To show solidarity with a place means to make a quality choice. Choosing to trust and to set great value on the local entrepreneurial activity means to enhance a population culturally and to contribute to better their lives, not only economically speaking. Our hotels and resorts, exclusive or simple, are comfortable and clean. Our hotels are ideal for the ones who do not look for holiday villages, mass tourism and invasive entertainment but wish to live an experience in safe and welcoming structures. We have preferred quality hotels, bungalows and lodges to huge buildings that disfigure unspoilt environments, to experience an unforgettable holiday and to enjoy without damaging nature and consequently, ourselves. The 5 star-hotels that we offer to our clients are examples of environmental respect and increase of professionalism. The luxury to come and have a holiday in Tanzania means something different to us: it is in the dark of the night and in the falling stars that brighten it up, in the dawn on the sea and the sunset on the Ngoro-Ngoro ridge, it is in grilled lobsters and seafood to eat on the beach, to listen to the silence of the sea, to look at the lionesses chasing, to give a little hand to some African children. 
                                              TO TRAVEL SAFELY AND RESPONSABLY
Our travels are organized by AMISANO TOUR (Licence G334 given by the Province of Imperia-Italy- Insurance RC Europ Assistance n°20812). Amisano Tour operates in tourism with a travel philosophy that fully meets our purposes. Our travels are based on a contract package tour with medical and luggage insurance that you will find illustrated in our website and that you are requested to sign when booking our services. Our local correspondents will give you assistance and information at given times at the hotel and all day long during the excursions that you will book with us. They are Zanzibari an Italians resident on the island and know the territory very well. Our purpose is to help develop the island and offer our tourists the opportunity to appreciate a wonderful country without spoiling the environment. We think of our tourists as responsible and environmental aware. We think they are able to enjoy in a clever way, away from standard amusement, which is all the same all over the world, with our professional assistance and the typical cordiality of Zanzibar…Safari Ngema! Have a good trip!


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